I can remember, years ago, hearing about group coaching and thinking to myself, I wonder what that’s all about?

Is it a bunch of people just sitting there, hanging out, and nobody saying a word because they didn’t want to be first? Was it going to be some weird dynamic where I didn’t think that I would fit in? Would my questions be stupid, would people laugh at me? Would the host of the chat call me out unexpectedly and make me feel “this” big?

Yep, I thought all of those things and more, and for awhile it kept me away from ever considering going to any type of group coaching, support group, or any other place where there were going to be a bunch of people I didn’t know and who I figured would never be able to “get me”.

Sound familiar? Have you ever thought that same stuff? Maybe you were THIS close to joining one and then backed out at the last minute in fear; anxiety keeping you away from an amazing opportunity of validation, encouragement, and healing. And so you continue down the same road you’ve always trodded, trying to figure out what’s going on with your life.

If that was you (or even if it wasn’t) because hey, I don’t judge, then allow me to tell you about why group coaching with me is an experience like no other!

First, it’s a safe place. I mean after all isn’t that one of the things that we want most out of life, to feel safe? In relationships, at work, at home, when we feel safe Beyond Your Past - Group Life Coachingwe open up and share more freely. We feel empowered because the fundamental desire to be safe, is accounted for. We don’t have to worry about being called out,  being left alone, or simply not heard. The anxiety of that unknown variable quickly becomes a thing of the past.

Topic Based. Each week we’ll be covering a different topic, or continuing on in a series. This way you always know what we’ll be discussing so you can come fully prepared with questions and comments and feel confident in what to expect.

It’s healing. As you may know, one of my specialties as a Certified Life Coach, is trauma recovery. If you aren’t a trauma survivor, don’t click away just yet, stay with me while I address this important part of group coaching.  Part of my program involves healing in groups, and one of those groups is for trauma survivors. It’s a place where those who have endured Childhood sexual abuse, Narcissistic Abuse, Bullying, Emotional Abuse, and Neglect…Can come together and find peace and safety among fellow survivors who know what it means to endure something that they’d rather forget. My group coaching is designed to be a drop/in drop out type of atmosphere where you come and get to ask your questions, and if you like, help support others in their survivor journey by helping them to feel safe and not alone. If you just want to hang out and take in the healing, that’s cool, but I’ll tell ya that the beauty of group coaching is in the interaction. There’s something incredible about like minded people joining in solidarity as they navigate life as a survivor.

The group coaching comes from a trauma informed perspective, so if you are a survivor, rest assured that I will always present the information in the most validating, safe, and encouraging way possible. Even if you aren’t a survivor, these groups are designed to be a safe place where you can always feel confident in knowing that it’s my sincere desire to have your needs met.

It’s informative.  Yeah, I knew you were hoping I was going to say that, right! But, and hang on, yes it’s informative, but not in a boring, mundane way. You’ll find me each week on video, teaching and answering your questions about the topic we’re covering together. I will do my very best to give you positive, encouraging, and honest insight. And….if I don’t know the answer, I will find it for you and share it with you the next week. It’s my goal that you always walk away from group coaching, with a feeling that you were heard, understood, and content.

Is it fun??? Well yeah sure it is! Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not a total laugh fest where we just goof off for an hour together. However, I firmly believe that there is healing in humor. Sometimes it’s okay to sit back and shake our head and laugh about something in life that happened. Not in some invalidating, demeaning way, but more like “this is so unbelievable and I had no idea what to do, but now looking back I just have to shake my head and move on”. There’s some weird humor in that that helps us cope.

So yeah we will have some fun, but rest assured that I take group coaching very seriously. I value your time and I appreciate you spending your hard earned money to come and feel safe in a Beyond Your Past Group Coaching atmosphere.

So yeah, about that whole money thing. Unfortunately I haven’t yet won the lottery, so I do charge for my group coaching. I keep it as affordable as possible because you shouldn’t have to pay a ton of money to get help from a trustworthy, reliable source. Everyone deserves to show up and feel like they are cared about, understood, and really just to feel right at home with me and everyone who comes out each week. We don’t tolerate trolls or those who seek to demean and minimize others.

So, if any of this sounds interesting, considering signing up for one of my upcoming weekly group coaching programs. There are several packages available, and you can come as often as you wish. Worried about missing a week? No problem, it’s a “drop in drop out” type of place. I’m not gonna get on your case because you couldn’t make it here or there. Life happens after all!

So why not take that step and join us for an interactive experience where you can walk away each week with skills and insight that you can use every day.

Contact me for pricing and schedule times for the Group Coaching Experience

Hope to see ya there!

Matt Pappas – CLC




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