I’m so stoked and honored to have the opportunity to work with so many incredible people as clients or colleagues. Some of them have been kind enough to say a few words about their experiences during our time…

Matt is a spiritual and emotional example and guide for people who have been hurt in this life. Tirelessly creating podcasts, videos and blogs inviting people to see the world in a new way- letting go of anxiety, PTSD and victimhood that have caused them too much suffering.

He’s walked the walk and so it’s easy to take his talk in. A gifted speaker and writer, Matt is above all kind hearted and committed to the service of healing. I love collaborating with Matt. He’s always been an informative guest on my show and a gracious host when he has me on. Make his podcast a part of your weekly routine!

Jodi Aman

Pyschotherapist, Author, Anxiety Tamer

After completing therapy I knew I needed support but of a different kind. A Life Coach seemed like the next step. I was hesitant at first, not sure what to expect.

Matt made it easy. His relaxed demeanour made him easy to talk to and his patience was appreciated. He made me feel heard and validated. He gave me hope. He provided a listening ear and posed questions that helped me reflect and find the answers within myself.

I am grateful for the coaching I received from Matt at Beyond Your Past and I can see the outcome of our time together making a difference in my life.”

Lynn S.


Matt speaks about difficult, stigmatized topics with warmth and keen insight that lets clients and podcast listeners know they’re in good hands. As someone who began his healing journey long after the traumatic events of his childhood and early adolescence, I know that Matt’s voice and his story will resonate with so many people out there feeling lost.

Matt’s first hand understanding of trauma and anxiety allows him to relate to people at any point on their own healing journey. The evolution of his blog into a full-blown advocacy website is proof of his passion and commitment to helping others. I look forward to more collaborations with him in the future.

Beth Rogerson

PhD, LMFT, Author

Matt is a trusted colleague and friend. His work with sexual abuse survivors is brave and so healing to this community. There are not enough male survivors of sexual abuse openly talking and supporting one another. Matt has so much compassion for others that he creates a safe space for guests of his podcast, clients of his coaching business, and anyone needing a listening ear.

Our entire network here at Mental Health News Radio is proud to have him take part in our mission to spread awareness and eradicating stigma regarding mental illness.

“I appreciate the help and guidance of working with Matt, so very much. His wisdom, compassionate kindness, and always encouraging attitude make our interactions feel safe. I’ve learned so much, not the least of which is the importance of celebrating every win, no matter how small or insignificant I think it may be.

He encourages me to take each day and use it as a learning experience and to add more tools to my skills box. “

Kristin Sunanta Walker

Podcast Host

Matt is such a pleasure to interact and work with. As an advocate and survivor thriver, Matt truly walks his talk and shares from the heart, his commitment to his work, and empowering fellow survivors with the information, support and encouragement is transparent in all that he does.

Matt treats all with kindness, respect and compassion. Thank you Matt for your courage and commitment. I feel privileged to know you. You make the world a better place

Marnie Grundman

Speaker, Author

Matt was my very first podcast. I was scared to death and Matt instantly put me at ease. I picked Matt’s podcast because the name “Surviving my Past” fit me perfectly. To find someone as special as Matt in this world is rare. Matt is humble and genuine. He is living in his truth and not afraid to share even when it’s painful. To find another person who just “gets it” when I’ve always felt so alone with my pain and struggles means the world to me. Matt has made my journey so much easier with sincerity, love and compassion. Matt has dedicated his life to tirelessly help people like me and I’m blessed to know him.
Julie Coons

Author, Survivor

Finding a kindred spirit that not only shares attitudes and visions with you but also shares empathy is a rare find. Matt Pappas and I found each other and found that, not only are we similar but that Matt’s positive spirit and ability to speak on tough issues in today’s mental health world truly makes a difference. Matt not only is a survivor but a spokesperson who understands the issues of surviving anxiety and other health issues, due to past abuse.

He is like a brother from another mother to me and the work I do. His ability to make people feel comfortable to share these tough issues and his own candor truly open up a world once kept in the dark, but now needs to be shared for recovery to take place. I have truly been lucky to find a Matt Pappas in the world and be able to work with him to truly make a difference in the lives of others through our work.

Alan Eisenberg


Matt Pappas is a committed advocate for survivors of trauma. He has gained a depth of insight and understanding as a result of his own journey of healing, and brings this to everything he does to support others in their own healing. I’ve had the great joy of collaborating with Matt and joining him on his podcast and am always touch by his heart and humor.

Rachel Grant

Sexual Abuse Survivor Coach

I had the honor, recently, of being a guest on Matt Pappas’s excellent podcast, Surviving My Past. Matt invited me to join him to discuss my book, Mending the Shattered Mirror, about my recovery from psychological abuse by a trusted therapist. Being interviewed by Matt was an extremely positive experience. His questions were direct and to the point, and he was well versed and educated on the subject of abuse. I have had wonderful feedback from friends and professionals alike who have listened to the podcast. Matt provided a safe and supportive atmosphere and helped me to explain my story, and the important message of my book.

There is so little in the public discourse to support victims of abuse. Matt’s excellent work in this area is most appreciated and very needed. He is gifted at what he does and I am thankful for the opportunity of working with him.

Analie Shepherd

Author, Survivor

I have had the privilege to be on Matt’s podcast several times. His voice and compassion is felt far and wide in the survivor and advocacy community. His blogs and podcasts are always educational and empowering and full of hope for survivors and their supporters.

Matt is such a pleasure to interact and work with. As an advocate and survivor thriver Matt, truly walks his talk and shares from the heart, his commitment to his work, and empowering fellow survivors with the information, support and encouragement is transparent in all that he does. Wether it is an email correspondence, phone call or online interview Matt treats all with kindness, respect and compassion. Thank you Matt for your courage and commitment. I feel privileged to know you. You make the world a better place.

Svava Brooks

Darkness to Light Facilitator, Certified TRE Instructor, Sexual Abuse Survivor Coach, Author

Every time I’ve collaborated with Matt, I leave our conversation feeling inspired. He’s even encouraged and advised me when working on projects, cheering me on with reminders about why we do what we do: helping others on the road to healing. There’s something special about finding others in the online community who bring their most honest selves to the table and are willing to help their peers reach their goals. Matt is one of those people.

His realness in the way he shares his story and life experiences are a breath of fresh air in what can be a highly curated world. In the place of flowery depictions and cliches he brings vulnerability, compassion and the raw truth. And it’s through that honesty and the personal growth he shares from his own healing journey that’s challenged me to nurture my best self. While also continuing to reach for bigger things, for healing, and for deeper belief in myself. So if you’re considering working with Matt, be ready to feel both heard and empowered that you really can live the life you hope for! You won’t regret it.

Kami Lingren

Chronic Illness Advocate

Matt has an exceptional ability to connect with survivors, those struggling with a mental health issue and professionals. His blog posts, podcasts, and coaching practice reflect his compassion, his understanding of the issues of survivors, and his education as a trauma-informed coach. Furthermore, Matt is a much-needed voice as a male survivor. I am honored to call Matt a friend, a colleague and a resource for survivors. Thank you for everything you do, Matt!

Heather Tuba


As a 51 year old man in recovery from Bipolar Disorder, Alcoholism, and Porn Addiction, I have a long, painful, and misadventurous story. Coupled with a great deal of experience, strength and hope that I love to share with others. I am penning a book to help fellow sufferers of mental illness and addiction.

Matt interviewed me on his podcast, which actually gave me an additional and greater opportunity to share my experience, strength, and hope, as my written story focuses more on my struggles than on my recovery. His questions and commentary throughout our discussion on the podcast gave listeners greater insight into the points I made. Being the seasoned professional that he is, Matt took what I shared, refined it, helped define it, and expounded upon it in such a way that it amplified the message tremendously.
Matt does fantastic work as an advocate and as a life coach for those suffering with mental illness, addictions, and emotional trauma,
Jason Miller

Author, Survivor

There is a rhythm that gets created when trauma survivors speak with one another. Words that often seem too frightening to say out loud reveal themselves effortlessly as stories are shared and honored. This was my experience with Matt on his podcast.

He asks the questions that truly matter and resonate with so many people
creating a platform of safety. He is doing the kind of work I have come to rely on.  Thank You, Matt!

Larry Ruhl

Author, Survivor, Speaker

I was a little nervous prior to being a guest on Matt’ Pappas’ podcast, but there was no need for apprehension. Matt’s friendly demeanor and professional approach put me at ease from the start. Throughout our discussion, Matt responded with genuine enthusiasm and empathy to my personal story, and through his eager engagement, helped convey my message to his audience. I would work with Matt again in a heartbeat.

Miranda Pacchiana


My recent experience of being interviewed by Matt on Dissociation and DID for his podcast was such a positive experience for me. I was nervous and he put me totally at ease instantly. Matt does awesome work giving mental health and it’s various issues a platform and exposure through his podcast and podcasts. This is important work and will go a long way towards removing the stigma surrounding stigma.

He is a warrior for those battling trauma from abuse. Thank you for the opportunity to work with you Matt. It is much appreciated

Erin Fado

Advocate, Blogger, Former Professor of Sociology

Matt is a huge advocate for mental illness/mental health, and he’s incredibly sincere about it. When I started reading Matt’s blogs and listening to his podcasts, I realized that his story was unbelievably close to mine and I wanted to get to know him better. I would joke with him that we were like two peas in a pod.

Shortly after we met, he asked me to do a podcast with him; it would be my first – ever! I was terrified and I told him I was honoured, but I also told him I didn’t think I’d be any good. I explained that when I get nervous, I stutter and hum and haw …worst of all, I forget what I’m saying mid-sentence. Matt replies with, No worries at all Davina, you just be you. No judgments or anything like that. Rule #1 of podcasting or doing a video; breathe, and be yourself. Don’t hide who you are or what you are about. Speak like you’re carrying on a conversation with a friend. It’s more natural and flows much easier that way. 🙂

Those were his words exactly. I was a stranger to him, but that’s Matt for you; kind and compassionate. I was also really concerned that I would say something I would later regret and that he wouldn’t respect me if I asked him to remove it from our podcast, but he’s a really sincere guy and fully respects that and that’s why he pre-tapes his podcasts.

Davina Lytle

Blogger, Survivor

As a survivor of psychological and physical abuse, it is never easy to come out and talk about your childhood maltreatment. Especially about family members who usually will not admit to any wrong doing. It is very hard and there is always an element of fear you need to overcome. Each day, I overcome that fear.

I had contacted Matt to talk about my book and experiences. I have to say, talking to Matt was an incredible experience. Why? Matt being a survivor himself had the compassion and empathy to understand my pain and CPTSD. He also had his abuser threaten him to kill his pet if he “told”. We both knew what “threats” do to a child. Psychological abuse is extremely harmful and has lasting effects. Matt’s understanding was incredible.

Matt continues to be an advocate for others and I am so glad our paths crossed. I have met some amazing people on my journey. These people hold me up and give me strength. Matt is one of them. A wonderful, kind and very generous person. Thanks Matt for all you do. You inspire us.

Laura Corbeth

Author, Survivor

Working with Matt has been a very validating and rewarding experience. His compassionate spirit and humor always helped me feel at ease during our calls. He is a motivator and encourager, his insight helped me see how much I was living in the past and afraid to try and feel better. 

The strategies we worked on gave me confidence to stop the negative beliefs in myself, to live in the moment each day, and learn self-compassion for myself. 

Thank you so much Matt!

Allison W.


In this world there are many roads one can travel down. As a survivor of abuse there are many more that tend darker and singular. It’s a blessing to find road signs and hazard signals.

It’s a road that only other survivors have traversed and know the landmarks of
Speaking with Matt Pappas and knowing that he is setting up street lights for other survivors is amazing I enjoyed my time in speaking with Matt about my perspective and book
The Unexpected Victim. He asked the little asked questions with the knowledge these are questions that need answers.

There are few survivors who are trying to make a difference with their personal deepest darkest, Matt Pappas is one of those few.

I Highly recommend other Speaker Survivors go to Matt Pappas and share.

Brian Cardoza

Artist, Speaker, Survivor

I admire Matt’s advocacy work for survivors. I had the pleasure of being interviewed on his podcast and found his considerate manners very supportive which added to my confidence to speak. I feel stronger when a caring witness validates what I am saying by repeating my message. It also helps me clarify more of what I desire to express. Matt naturally does that so well, which shows how carefully he listens.

If I still required coaching or therapy for recovery, I would request Matt’s services. I sense his sincerity and experience. In my recovery, there was a time that I needed to feel safe with a male coach, to learn about trust. Men have also confided in me that male survivors benefit from processing their abuse with another man. Matt is providing an important contribution to assist survivors to regain wholeness

Katia Cooper

Author, Reiki Master

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