In addition to my book, I’ve had the incredible privilege of sharing my story in other amazing resources. Please consider checking them out and supporting these wonderful advocates. 

Surviving Grief

My book on working the stages of grief as a trauma survivor, and the the emotions that come with grieving a traumatic childhood; and looking forward to a feeling of Acceptance and an outlook of HOPE for the future. FREE Download.

Stigma Fighters

Sharing my story as a male survivor living with PTSD and Dissociation.

The Lion and the Peacock: How I conquered anxiety

I had the privilege to write the foreword for this amazing resource on conquering anxiety, by Jennifer Peacock-Smith

Changing Minds, Breaking Stigma, Achieving the Impossible. – Volume 2 in the i’mPossible Series

Thank you to author Josh Rivedal for allowing me to share my story as a survivor and overcoming childhood trauma.

Write for Hope Project – Restoring Hope, Removing chains of child abuse

Sharing my story as a survivor of childhood trauma on the write for hope project.

Trigger Points Anthology

Sharing insight on being a parent while also being a survivor of childhood trauma.

Not Weak Just Human – Good Men Project – 

Sharing my story as a survivor of childhood trauma on the write for hope project. Part of the Eight men from The Good Men Project’s Men’s Mental Health Social Interest Group ,sharing from the heart to show that everyone is dealing with something and that those dealing with mental health issues are not weak, just human.

Business Insider UK – Dissociative Identity Disorder

Took part in a phone interview for an article for Business Insider UK on, “Dissociative identity disorder is nothing like how it’s portrayed in ‘Split,’ according to people who have it.”

Guest Blogger

If you’d like to submit your story of being a survivor for consideration of being published on , just click here and head over there to fill out the contact form. 

Podcast Guest

If you’d like to be a guest on an upcoming episode of Beyond Your Past Radio, or learn more about the show, just click here to go over there and fill out the contact form and we’ll get ya on the schedule. 

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