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What is Anxiety Coaching?

Anxiety is something that affects people all over the world. In fact, a recent study shows that 1 in 13 people across the entire planet suffer from some type of anxiety on a regular basis.

As an anxiety coach, I’m here to help you understand just what exactly anxiety is trying to do in your life. We’ll uncover the lies and tricks that it uses to keep you stuck, to keep you down, isolated, depressed, and living in fear. We’ll see what’s happening in your daily, and examine events from the past to get the real story of what’s going on and why you feel the way that you do.

We’ll work together to uncover the strength already inside you and equip you with the knowledge and skills that you can use every day to take your life back and free yourself from the grip of anxiety.

There is hope, and it’s not as difficult as you might think. 🙂

What is Survivor Coaching?

While Coaching is different from Therapy, there are similar modalities and techniques that can cross between the two. Coaches do not diagnose or treat Mental Health Challenges, but as a Trauma Informed Coach, I am keenly aware of how a traumatic past affects your life today.

Trauma Recovery Coaching, or Survivor Coaching as I like to call it, is about helping you where you are right now in life,  so you can move towards the life of your dreams and the goals that you’ve always wanted to strive for but perhaps have never thought were possible.

I can help you make sense of those feelings and emotions, things that trigger you, and figure out what is holding you back, based on your experiences from the past.  We’ll work together to help you overcome the past…because you are worth it and I believe in you!

Do you offer other types of coaching?

My specialty is to work with those are stuck in the grip of anxiety, in addition to working with survivors of trauma. Those two areas encompass a wide range of topics to explore, from personal, to career, to family, education, and more!

If you have a specific area that is not listed above, please feel free to contact me and we can discuss the possibilities and see if working with me is right for You.

How do I pay for coaching?

The easiest and most efficient way is through PayPal, where you can submit payment via a major credit card or bank account.  Payment is made by the 1st of each month for monthly payment plans, or before the first session when you pay in full for the 3 or 6 month plan. Discounts available for paying in full!

How long do coaching sessions last?

Each session typically runs for 1 hr. If you choose, based the package you purchase, you have the option of scheduling back to back, depending on schedule availability.

How do we connect for coaching?

Coaching sessions are available either via Phone or Video Chat, both are included in your package!

Phone sessions are held through my conference call line, and video chat sessions are held using a Zoom chat room.

Why a trauma informed coach?

Being a survivor of trauma, means that you have unique challenges that not everyone faces. Having a coach that understands what being a survivor means and how that affects you as an adult, is critical.

Survivors often do not process daily life situations in the same way that those who are not survivors, do. Even the seemingly most daily, simple tasks can present a huge challenge, so having an advocate on your side can be a life changing experience.

As a survivor myself, I understand what you are going through.

  • I know what it means to wake up each day and dread what’s coming.
  • To be afraid to leave the house for fear everyone is looking at you and judging you.
  • To have intense Anxiety about not only major life changes, but also every day decisions about work, family, and relationships.
  • To wonder if you’ll ever feel better, and if there is hope.

I take all of this into account during our time together, and I am mindful of the process of recovery from trauma.

How is Coaching different from Therapy?

Do you offer other types of Coaching services?

Do I have to sign a contract to begin Coaching with you?

How is payment made for Coaching?

Is Coaching covered by Insurance?

Are payments refundable?

Do you see clients locally?

What is it like working with a Life Coach?

What did you do before you become a Certified Life Coach?

Are you the same guy that started, Surviving My Past?

How is coaching different from therapy?

I could give you a long, detailed, explanation on how the two differ, but it’s much more efficient to take a page from the great, Tony Robbins:

The fundamentals of life coaching are what distinguish it from therapy. Life coaches do not diagnose, while therapists determine illnesses and pathologies so they can be clinically treated. Therapists analyze their client’s past as a tool for understanding present behaviors, whereas life coaches simply identify and describe current problematic behaviors so the client can work to modify them. In other words, therapists focus on “why” and coaches work on “how.”

Therapists help clients explore and understand their subconscious and unconscious mind. Their goal in this exploration is deep understanding. Life coaches focus on results and actions. Their goals can be measured with key performance indicators and specific behavioral outcomes and goals.

Therapy and life coaching do share certain traits and aims, however. Both therapists and life coaches work to enable clients to make positive changes in their lives and become more productive. While therapists do diagnose and treat from a healthcare perspective, not all therapy clients are ill; many healthy people seek the services of both therapists and life coaches. Therapists may at times work with specific results in mind, such as the cessation of a particular problematic behavior.


In addition, because I personally am trauma informed, I do have the ability and understanding to help you work through many feelings, emotions, and thought patterns that stem from being a trauma survivor.

As a coach, I do not diagnose or treat any Mental or Physical condition or challenge, however I can help you explore why the feelings of the past keep coming up, how they are affecting you today, and help you work out a plan to move forward from the negative, self-defeating mindsets that come from trauma.

What can I expect from a coaching session with you?

Coaching is a very personal experience. It’s an investment in yourself, and that is something that I take very seriously.  This is completely, 100% about You.

Each week as we work through the program and discuss things that come up in your life, we will work together to find the best possible solutions that fit your life and feel authentic to who you truly are.

It is my job to make sure that you are always encouraged, supported, and validated in your feelings. I will provide a safe place for you to share what’s on your mind, and always be fully present during our time together.

I will always be completely honest with you in all aspects of our coaching time together.

All of our conversations and communications are kept strictly confidential.

I can also provide weekly check in emails or texts, to help you stay on track with your goals, and follow up on the most recent sessions. This is never meant to be intrusive or “bug” you, but rather it’s a way for us to always stay in communication with each other.

You can feel free to email me in between our time together, with thoughts and ideas that you would like to cover in an upcoming session.

What is it like working with a Life Coach?

To put it simply, you get out of it what you put into it. This is your time and I am here for you, 100%.

It’s my goal to always provide a safe, encouraging, positive, and validating atmosphere so you are as comfortable as possible.

Coaching is about looking at yourself objectively, where you are right now and working towards where you want to be. The programs and exercises we do throughout your coaching experience are designed to be informative, interesting, soul searching, and yes even fun too!

Coaching is also a very personal experience, and can bring up very deep emotions. I will be here with you every step of the way so that you always know that you are safe and validated. We will work through whatever comes up, and help you make sense of it all so that you leave each session knowing that are fully supported.

How long before I can start seeing results?

Coaching is all about you making progress each week.  I’m here to help you reach your goals in a way that is not only efficient, but also in complete compliance with you are. This venture is about you being true to yourself and living the life that you’ve always dreamed of.

While each person is different, clients typically start to see results within the first month and it only gets better and more amazing from there!

What did you before before you were a coach?

Well, I’m glad you asked! 🙂

I’ve spent a good portion of my adult life working in the computer industry, for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and also for a nationally known technology company. In that role I worked in operations, supervisory roles, tech support, and Engineering.

I decided that a career change was in order, or as I like to call it, a Life Change, when I realized my true calling was not in corporate America, but rather in a role of helping others overcome their past and reach for the life that they deserve.

I’m also a Blogger, Podcaster, and produce Live Stream videos in support of Mental Health Awareness and Trauma Survivors.

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