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Support, when you need it, through the convenience of email

Life is busy, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get the support you need, when you need it.

Matthew Pappas, CLC, MPNLP

As someone who used to struggle every single day with anxiety, and with generally feeling like my life just wasn’t on track, I often wondered what it would be like to have support at my finger tips, to be able to reach out for help when I needed it. I wanted convenience but I also wanted my voice to be heard, my concerns to be recognized, and my thoughts to be validated, yet I wasn’t in a place where everything was completely overwhelming all the time so I didn’t feel that weekly calls or speaking out loud with someone was necessary. 

I was looking for some perspective, direction, and accountability without having to do a weekly call. It just wasn’t something I could do for a variety of reasons during various points of my life.

While having a weekly call works for many, and of course has incredible benefits, not everyone is at that place or needs that type of structure, and that’s okay. Which is why I developed email coaching, to help those who feel they can benefit from having a coach but also want the convenience and flexibility that comes with utilizing the technology of email both at home, at work, and on the go.

Why Email Coaching Could be Just the Ticket for You












Private & Safe





Coaching on Your Time

While there are certain areas of life that are best served during a weekly call, you can certainly accomplish a lot by utilizing the power of having a coach in your inbox. 

My email coaching program allows you the flexibility of reaching out to me on your schedule, day or night, and being confident in receiving a response that same day, and usually within a matter of hours.

Having the perspective and accountability of a coach, to help you when you need it can make all the difference in lowering your anxiety, and embracing all that is good and amazing about who you are and where you are headed.

While email is not ideal for in-depth, personal struggles in the area of trauma recovery, it can be a great place to receive help in working through tough decisions that affect your life, both personally and professionally , as well general insight and strategies in your fight against anxiety in all aspects of your life.

Worry & Fear don’t have to be the first place you turn when there’s a struggle at work or home, let’s work together to break down the problem and come up with solutions that are practical, realistic, and feel authentic to you in every way.  

After completing therapy I knew I needed support but of a different kind. A Life Coach seemed like the next step. I was hesitant at first, not sure what to expect.

Matt made it easy. His relaxed demeanour made him easy to talk to and his patience was appreciated. He made me feel heard and validated. He gave me hope. He provided a listening ear and posed questions that helped me reflect and find the answers within myself.

I am grateful for the coaching I received from Matt at Beyond Your Past and I can see the outcome of our time together making a difference in my life.”

Lynn S.

Past client

Matt is a spiritual and emotional example and guide for people who have been hurt in this life. Tirelessly creating podcasts, videos and blogs inviting people to see the world in a new way- letting go of anxiety, PTSD and victimhood that have caused them too much suffering.

He’s walked the walk and so it’s easy to take his talk in. A gifted speaker and writer, Matt is above all kind hearted and committed to the service of healing. I love collaborating with Matt.

Jodi Aman

Anxiety Tamer

Working with Matt has been a very validating and rewarding experience. His compassionate spirit and humor always helped me feel at ease during our calls. He is a motivator and encourager, his insight helped me see how much I was living in the past and afraid to try and feel better.

The strategies we worked on gave me confidence to stop the negative beliefs in myself, to live in the moment each day, and learn self-compassion for myself.

Thank you so much Matt!

Allison W.

Past client

Perhaps you're still wondering how email coaching can be an incredibly valuable part of your life?

It’s affordable – email coaching is less than half of the rate for weekly call clients, yet still offers one on one support. Plus there are several different packages available based on how much weekly interaction you’d like. (See below for more info on the email coaching package rates)

Personalized to You – I don’t just send generic responses, I tailor each email to address the specific questions and struggles you are working through. You’ll get practical tips, strategies, insight, and perspective you can utilize right away.

Running Commentary – Since we utilize email, you’ll always have quick reference access to our ongoing chats and collaborations, as well as Google doc integration, file sharing, and more.

Take Your Time – You have the luxury of taking all the time you need to formulate your thoughts so you’re confident and comfortable each time you contact me.

On Your Time – No need to worry about appointment scheduling and time zone differences, you can contact me any time and know that I’ll respond that same day or in a matter of hours.

Safe  – You can feel confident in knowing that I never share any of your information. All interaction and correspondence is 100% confidential.


Still Not Sure?

Send me an email with your thoughts, concerns, or questions. I’ll respond back, usually within 24 hours or so. Allow me to validate what’s on your mind and share with you in an honest, up front way how working on your anxiety using my methods might be just the ticket to taking control of your anxiety, once and for all.

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