The primary agenda in a coaching program should always focus on you.

Rates & Package Information

One of the philosophies I adopted when I first became a coach, and still believe in, is that coaching should be as affordable as possible. There’s nothing more frustrating than doing research, finding a coach you want to work with, and discovering their rates are so high that you simply can’t swing it. I know exactly what that feels like, and I decided to always make it a priority to have packages that are as reasonable as possible.

My current coaching rates and packages are listed below, and if you have additional questions, please check out my FAQ’s and you can also drop me a line.

As Your Coach, I’ll Be With You,

Every Step of The Way

What better way to start the journey of taking back what’s been stolen from you, than to work with a trauma-informed coach, who knows what it means to be a survivor, and knows what it means to be stuck and finally break free from Anxiety!

Survivor Coaching

Being a survivor of childhood trauma presents a unique set of challenges in daily life, and it’s very important to have someone in your corner who is trauma-informed, to help you work towards your goals and the life you want.

Anxiety Coaching

Working together to help unlock the power that’s already inside you, so you can break free from the debilitating and helpless feeling that’s been holding you back for so long. It’s time to expose the lies anxiety has been making you believe, and take back your life. You can do it!

Email Coaching

Communicate with me, through email, on your own schedule and I will respond back in a timely manner, addressing your concerns, and providing validation, support, and encouragement to help you in your fight against anxiety.

All Packages Include


Stay in Contact

Email or Texting Support in between weekly sessions

Flexible Payment Options

Pay Via Credit Card or Bank Transfer

Private & Secure

I’ll Never Share Your Information

Payment Plans

Bi-Weekly or Monthly

Free Intro Session

Free 60 Min Session to get Your Questions Answered

Lock in Your Rate

The Rate You Sign up with is the Rate you’ll always pay

Self Exploration

What makes you tick, what is it about you that you love and what is it about you that you want to change. We’ll figure it out together.


Tired of waking up and ending each day feeling defeated, like you’re doomed before you begin? Let’s turn that around!

Overcoming Blocks

What types of negative, invalidating, default mindsets keep you from loving yourself, reaching out for help, and trying new things? We’ll explore that and work through it. 

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