It’s Time to Take Your Life Back

It’s high time that you had the opportunity to see what your life can be like, free from anxiety, free from past trauma, free from negative mindsets, and free from shame!

Let’s Do It!

You are taking that first step…

And, might I add, what an awesome thing that is! Take a sec and celebrate that for a minute. Breathe it all in….Pat yourself on the back, give yourself a high-five for taking the initiative to reach out and learn more about how working together might be just the ticket to regaining your life, or taking control of your future for the very first time!

You deserve it!

Coaching is a unique experience that is all about you, your goals, the areas of your life that you want to work on. Your voice is always heard, your feelings validated, and in a safe environment free from shame and judgment.

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Come as you are, just as you are, because you are always good enough, just for being you…and that’s pretty darn cool!

Overcoming Anxiety

Anxiety is relentless, and it loves to get you caught in it’s grip and never let go. The lies and tricks that it tries to use on us every single day, can be confusing, overwhelming and debilitating.

You don’t have to live in fear of it every day. Life is hard enough without having those anxious feelings speed into overdrive and keep us from experiencing the joy and contentment that is waiting to be had.

We’ll work together see what anxiety is doing in your life, and empower you with the knowledge and realization that being held hostage by anxiety is not a life sentence.

Daily Recovery Support

I’ve teamed up with CPTSD Foundation to take a revolutionary approach to trauma informed support. Launched in the spring of 2018, Daily Recovery Support provides a safe, validating, group atmosphere facilitated by Certified Coaches, Licensed Clinicians, and Highly Respected Advocates in the areas of healing from complex trauma.

Support, 7 days a week in a safe, covering a variety of topics to help provide you with tools and information that you can use every day in your healing journey.  Plus, you have the ability to join us from virtually anywhere, via your smart phone, computer, or landline.

This affordable, daily resource is changing lives every day, and we’d be stoked to have you join us!

Working Through Your Past

Survivors of trauma have unique challenges to work through in life, and often times those challenges can be traced back to past traumatic events.

Understanding what’s happened to you, and how it affects your life today (in ways you may not even realize) can open up a new world of understanding and healing as you seek the life you deserve.

Just because you endured trauma in the past, doesn’t mean that it has to rule your life now. Let’s establish where you want to go in life and work through the challenges that trauma presents.

Resources & Downloads

In addition to individual and group coaching opportunities, I also encourage you to check out the resources available both here and on

Podcasts – always free and available on your favorite podcast app, you’ll hear from coaches, clinicians, and advocates who are using their story to encourage and inspire you.

C.E.A.S.E. Anxiety – Free downloadable resource that you can save to your computer, phone, or even print it out if you like. 5 quick steps you can do virtually anywhere to ease your way through an anxious experience.

Surviving Grief – Get your free copy of my ebook that will help you as you navigate the process of grieving your childhood or other traumatic past, a lost loved one or pet, and any part of your life that you’ve experienced a loss.


Daily Recovery Support is Here and You Can Join Us!

Days a Week

Days a Year

Imagine for a moment, what it might be like to have access to Trauma Informed Support on a Daily Basis! The ability to join a Safe, Interactive Group atmosphere lead by Certified Coaches, Licensed Clinicians, and Highly Respected Advocates.  Learn more about this affordable resource in collaboration with

Self Exploration

What makes you tick, what is it about you that you love and what is it about you that you want to change. We’ll figure it out together.


Tired of waking up and ending each day feeling defeated, like you’re doomed before you begin? Let’s turn that around!

Overcoming Blocks

What types of negative, invalidating, default mindsets keep you from loving yourself, reaching out for help, and trying new things? We’ll explore that and work through it. 



Written from my experiences in learning how to grieve my lost childhood and lost innocence as a survivor of childhood trauma, Surviving Grief takes you through the process in a personal way that is validating and offers hope for even the most troubling of circumstances.

 The grieving process can be discouraging, confusing, and disheartening. For abuse survivors, grieving a traumatic past brings up an endless supply of emotions that can be difficult to sit with and work through.

 Each stage brings it’s own unique set of challenges, but also an opportunity for self-compassion and growth. I created this resource for you, Friend. What you are experiencing is real, but that doesn’t mean that all Hope is lost.


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