Helping You Move Forward, From What Holds You Back

 Are you ready to start turning things around, take your life back, and look forward to the possibilities instead of dreading them?

Overcoming Anxiety

Working together to help unlock the power that’s already inside you, so you can overcome the anxiety that’s ruling your life and break free from the debilitating and helpless feeling that’s been holding you back for so long!

Trauma Recovery

We start with where you are right now, taking into account the understanding that trauma affects your daily life, and work towards helping you achieve your goals, feeling empowered, and living free from your past.

Daily Support

Daily, interactive, group calls on topics such as anxiety, healthy boundaries, eating disorders, life skills, self-care, dissociation, and much more! Co-hosted with colleague Athena Moberg in collaboration with

C.E.A.S.E. Anxiety

I created a resource like this because I was sick and tired of feeling helpless when anxious feelings began to creep up. You can use these 5 easy steps anytime when anxiety starts to make you feel like things are about to go sideways, but now you’ll have this simple and effective strategy to help you fight back!

What’s Shakin, Great to Meet You!

Matthew Pappas, CLC, CPNLP

Hey, this is Matt! I’m so glad you stopped by to check things out, and learn more about working with me as your Coach.

As a Certified Life Coach & NLP Practitioner, as well as a Blogger, Podcaster, and Advocate, I’ve made it my mission in life to help people just like you discover their true, authentic self, regardless of their past. To retake their life by kicking anxiety to the curb and moving forward with a renewed sense of peace and confidence. 

I’m not your typical coach, I take a fresh approach to our time together and see things differently than you might be used to, or expecting. A way that makes the changes you want to implement seem not so intimidating, and a way that helps you to feel empowered and encouraged every day. 

That’s the basics, so click down there if there you’d like to learn a bit more … (go for it!)

Start Fresh, It’s Never Too Late

Anxiety Kicking Empowerment!

Self Exploration and Discovery

See the Possibilities, Not the Dread

Breaking Free from Your Traumatic Past

Figure Out Where You're Headed

Learn & Enforce Healthy Boundaries

Move Past Those Pesky Blocks

Look at yourself in a new way, free from negativity

Focus & Live in the Moment

Check out this recent episode of my podcast right here!

by Matt Pappas (that's me) | Beyond Your Past Podcast

Grab Your Free Copy

Written from my experiences in learning how to grieve my lost childhood and lost innocence as a survivor of childhood trauma, Surviving Grief takes you through the process in a personal way that is validating and offers hope for even the most troubling of circumstances.

The grieving process can be discouraging, confusing, and disheartening. For abuse survivors, grieving a traumatic past brings up an endless supply of emotions that can be difficult to sit with and work through.

Each stage brings it’s own unique set of challenges, but also an opportunity for self-compassion and growth. I created this resource for you, Friend. What you are experiencing is real, but that doesn’t mean that all Hope is lost.

After completing therapy I knew I needed support but of a different kind. A Life Coach seemed like the next step. I was hesitant at first, not sure what to expect.

Matt made it easy. His relaxed demeanour made him easy to talk to and his patience was appreciated. He made me feel heard and validated. He gave me hope. He provided a listening ear and posed questions that helped me reflect and find the answers within myself.

I am grateful for the coaching I received from Matt at Beyond Your Past and I can see the outcome of our time together making a difference in my life.”

Lynn S.

Matt speaks about difficult, stigmatized topics with warmth and keen insight that lets clients and podcast listeners know they’re in good hands. As someone who began his healing journey long after the traumatic events of his childhood and early adolescence, I know that Matt’s voice and his story will resonate with so many people out there feeling lost.

Matt’s first hand understanding of trauma and anxiety allows him to relate to people at any point on their own healing journey. The evolution of his blog into a full-blown advocacy website is proof of his passion and commitment to helping others. I look forward to more collaborations with him in the future.

Beth Rogerson

PhD, LMFT, Author

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I’m embarking on a new journey, and you’re invited to come along and experience this with me. Well to be truthful, I’ve already begun this journey, so we need to catch you up first before you can begin walking with me on this venture. Don’t worry though, it’s not too...

Kristin Walker; Survivor, CEO, and Passionate about using her voice for others.

Have you ever had a vision for something? Something that could be a huge benefit to countless lives, and you thought to yourself..."man the world needs something like this, I need something like this". So you start planning it out in your head and thinking about how...

Voice for the Silenced

Giving a voice to those who have been silenced, what a powerful mission! Anytime you speak out on behalf of survivors of childhood trauma, you are doing just that, giving a voice to those who are not able to have their own. Sharing your story using your voice, your...

Overcome your traumatic past, and rewriting your story, with Rukshana Triem

As a survivor myself, and a coach who works with survivors, I am always honored to meet and talk to those who have overcome a traumatic past and are now using their story to help inspire others. Hearing them share the harrowing experiences of a past that many could...

Rebuilding your Self-Esteem and Healing from Narcissistic Relationships.

Let’s talk about self-esteem…what a touchy subject that can be right?! Whether you’re a survivor of trauma or not, self-esteem is something that can be in a constant state of flux. How we feel about ourselves can vary greatly based on our past circumstances, and also...

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